kodak mini mobile printer review

Kodak Mini Mobile Photo Printer

One afternoon I was scrolling through my camera roll and found memorable pictures from ages ago. As much as I loved the priceless moments that were caught on these photos, I opted not to post it online because I’d like to treasure these memoirs privately.

So, I decided to go old school and thought printing these pictures would be a really good idea. I bought an instant photo printer right then and there, but made sure to get a good one. Scrapbooking makes a really fun hobby. That, and I’m running low on data storage so letting go of the soft copies might do good to my internal drive.

I bought a photo printer from Kodak. Was it worth the splurge, though? Well, this Kodak mini mobile printer review will give you the deets.

Design And Details

The first thing a buyer notices on a certain product is its color. Coming in three different colors, the Kodak mini printer can be in black, white, and gold. The black and gold ones will give you a metallic feel, while the white one is more on the glossy side. 

With rounded corners and the Kodak logo on this printer, you can really tell this has been designed minimally. It weighs about 250 grams, and almost feels like an ordinary power bank.

At the upper right corner of this printer are two LEDs. One of which indicates the power status, and the other for the battery. 

The power button sits nicely at the top right. The port for USB charging can be found at the end of the printer. The part where the prints come out is pretty obvious, as well as the cartridge slot.

You might be thinking, “How does an ink cartridge fit in such a tiny device?” This printer does not actually have ink cartridges like a normal printer does. The ink and paper are combined into an all-in-one cartridge. Upon purchase, a cartridge that can print 8 sheets will be included. If you want to change it, pull on the tab on the side to open the door, then pull the little handle. If you’re done, push it back into place until you hear it click.

How It Works

To help you picture how it works, included in our Kodak mini mobile printer review are some insights on its functionality and wireless connectivity. The printer is compatible with any Android and Apple devices, so that’s a relief!


Compatible with any Android and Apple devices

First, you will need the Kodak Printer Mini App. WiFi might be needed for Apple users, while Android phones can connect the device via NFC. The app is pretty user-friendly and easy to use. Play around with it. The feature I like most is the part where you can edit your photos much like any other photo-editing app allows you to. You can also connect to your social media accounts and choose a photo from there to print.

The first printing experience might feel odd for you, though, as it doesn’t print out the whole photo directly. The Kodak mini mobile printer does one color at a time, having yellow as its first color. After it prints everything in yellow, it goes back and does the second, and so on until the photo is complete.

Print Quality

The Kodak mini mobile printer produces 3.1 x 3.4-inch photos, much like a printout from other instant photo printers. Boasting its Dye Sublimation Thermal Transfer, this printer guarantees only the highest quality a printer can offer. This feature makes photos long-lasting, up to 10 years, and fade-proof.

Kodak Mini Print Quality

I must say, Kodak still has it. I was really impressed by how the colors stayed true to life. The printer prints out photos with vibrant colors, with a smooth texture.  However, if you want to adjust the saturation, brightness, and more of your photo, you can always use the app to enhance it.

Battery Life

Incorporating a 625mAh rechargeable battery, the printer should last a couple of days with moderate use. If this is not enough for you, the Kodak mini mobile printer also has a power-saver that automatically shuts down the device after 5 minutes of being idle.

Is the Kodak mini mobile printer for you?

If you’re a sucker for great photo quality, the Kodak Mini Mobile Printer is your best bet. Its printouts will last a long time and the colors are evidently rich and vibrant. Plus, it has a good price.

Kodak Mini Photo Printer

However, if you’re big on scrapbooking, and love to print in bulk, doing it with this printer might not be cost-effective. Although the price of the printer is fair, you’ll splurge most on its all-in-one cartridge if you’re constantly using it.


Truth be told, we now live in an era where we feel like every little moment in our lives have to be captured. However, not all of it can be shared online.

After my Kodak mini mobile printer review, I am pretty much satisfied with my rather impulsive buying. Thanks to it, I now have my life’s greatest moments in my hands.